Hello Tumblr world.
To start off, my name is Joslyn. I was born in The Bronx. The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City. I was brought up in a Christian family. And one hundred percent South Indian. My family and friends mean the world to me. I am a Community Health major at Hofstra University, and want to go into Occupational Therapy, and if God willing, a minor in Counseling. Many have hurt me but I’m a forgiver. I forgive others easily. Meeting new people makes me happy. Many have told me that I’m pretty shy, but I guarantee you, once you meet me, I can be hyper when I want to be. If I have nothing to say, I don’t say anything at all. I like being observant. I can get random right off the bat. But, certainly hope that whoever meets me will see me for who I am. Music is my inspiration more than anything. It’s my passion, my drive. It’s what gets me going. There won’t be a day where you won’t hear me singing or humming. God has definitely blessed me with this talent of singing. I hope that when I sing that I am ministering to others through music. God deserves our praises. He is Worthy. I give it all to Him, all that I am. Procrastination is something that I don’t lack, motivation on the other hand is. I’ve always had a struggle to be motivated. God has encouraged and motivated me in ways I can’t even describe. There is one thing I dislike the most and it’s studying. It’s just not my thing and it never was. But I’ve learned that studying is an essential part of life so complaining about studying should be the last thing on my mind. I love learning new and interesting things, whatever catches my attention. I’ve always had a yearning to help others - being a friend no one’s ever had. I would hate to see my loved ones hurt. God is more persistent in my life. He knows me more than anybody in this world, been there for me through thick and thin, through my struggles, and through every storm. I’ve faced negativity, self-pity, distress, depression, anxiety, despair, anger, suicide, guilt, worthlessness. I felt imperfect and the thoughts of being a failure kept rushing back, and the list goes on. Through all I’ve faced, God has helped me get back up again, and again. God is so faithful in the midst of failure and His love is unfathomable. The devil wants God’s people to live in misery, destruction, pity, negativity, etc. BUT the GOD I worship and love wants the total opposite for you and I.  I’m so happy - GOD is in my life - without Him where would I be? He has made me whole and complete. The reason why I love, the reason why I sing, the reason why I’m happy is because of JESUS. He gave me a reason to live. I thank God for a second chance. There’s no one else I’d rather trust more but God. God is love, and His love endures forever. I hope that through my actions, people would see that I’m different. I intend NOT to be of this world but of God. I can truly say that I am not perfect. And it’s okay that I’m not. God completes me and makes me whole. All by God’s grace I am here today, breathing the air that He has given me. Being happy and having joy are two different things. You can be happy and content in this world, but you can also feel empty inside. You’re lost and you feel like there’s no one to go to. The truth is you can only find true joy in Christ. I hope that when people see me…I can represent good, I can represent light, and I can represent God. God is Good, God is Real.   

God wants our heart, not what we are capable of doing, or our talents, nor our abilities. He wants us, and in the same way we should love God the best way we can, no matter what we are going through, or the amount of times we get hurt. GOD wants us when nobody else does. He says He will never leave, nor forsake us, and that’s His promise. God keeps His word. 

"I have a Maker, He formed my heart. Before even time began, my life is in His hands." 

"The Lord has great plans for your life."

"Don’t give up on God because He won’t give up on you. He’s not going anywhere."

"Rely on Him and His mercies for it endures forever and ever."

"That’s why you made it through the storm. He’s been protecting you all along."

"Don’t tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is."

"Ask God for grace and to trust Him with all of your heart. Whatever He says is just and true. His love never fails us."

"He is willing to forgive us because He is our loving, forgiving Father. He is plenteous in mercy!"

"Be comfortable in the grace God has given you."

"In a world like this, you can’t be too comfortable! Get out of your comfort zone."

"Our God is greater than our sicknesses, problems, materialistic things, and our needs."  

"Without God, life would be petty, dull, and pointless. He made the universe and all that is in it. He placed us in His hands. We have been protected. It’s such a beautiful thing." 

"Ask God to give you a renewed mind, renewed heart, and renewed spirit within." 

"We are His workmanship, His masterpiece, His work of art. He is our Potter, we are the clay. God made us fearfully and wonderfully. You Are Beautiful."

Now I can finally see 
It was Your love that’s changing me
It was Your hand guiding me
Its Your mercy that draws me near
By Your grace I’m standing here
No matter the road I’ve walked
Loves covered my wrong 
I realized its true
There’s none like You

Where would I be if not for Your grace?
Carrying me in every season
Where would I be if not for Your grace…
You came to my rescue
And I want to thank You for Your grace 

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That sums it up.